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Jitka Kellerova

"Shopping at Sartor is a pleasure. Exhaustive descriptions, true-to-life photos, interesting articles… You can tell the shop is a labor of love."

Visiting Sartor’s online shop is really a pleasure. Most of my purchases are confined to linen, but occasionally I like browsing around the other materials. Everything is excellently organized and well described, the photos are perfect and true to life. It hardly ever happens that the color in the photo differs from the actual color of the material. To me it seems like nothing important is left out or tacked on. When I’m looking for something specific, I can find it right away and when I feel like lolling around the site there’s plenty to keep me busy including tons of interesting articles. You can tell the shop is a labor of love. That makes it an even greater pleasure to stop by the real-life store where everyone is so friendly and helpful.

Thanks, everyone at Sartor, for being there.

Jitka Kellerova – Original linen fashions, 23 Sept. 2020

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