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Who are we? Why Sartor? What’s new? Where are we headed? What does the shop look like? Here’s a bit of background and some practical information about our Prague shop, store hours, which historical markets and events you’re likely to find us at, and photos too.

Historical reenactments and medieval battles: Tips for events around the world

Historical reenactments and medieval battles: Tips for events around the world

09.03.2020 The latest

Historical reenactments, battles, swordsmanship, medieval costumes and crafts… There’s a whole world out there that’s out of this world. People from all walks of life shed their everyday identities and get together to make the past come alive. The calendar is packed with fantastic events to thrill and inspire you.

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Events calendar

Events calendar

17.02.2020 The latest

Events in Europe and the USA, where you can meet us in person and pet our fabrics. We bring all the favourites - long staple linen, rich brocades, silks and of course the historical textile reproductions. a collection of fabrics for historical costumes.

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The Sartor story

The Sartor story

10.12.2018 The latest

It all started with the two of us, Marcela and Zuzka, sisters and pals. One day we got together to write a business plan and… stop! That’s not how it happened at all. The path that led to opening this unique shop was unique in and of itself, tracing an arc through faraway lands, and it took its own sweet time.

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