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Customer discounts

In addition to occasional discounts for registered customers, we offer student discounts and bulk discounts. Have a look at how our discounts work and treat yourself to a unique fabric today.

Registered customer discounts

If you register with us, you will get a 100 CZK discount on your first purchase. Registered customers also receive special discount offers by e-mail that are not available elsewhere.

Bulk discounts

If you buy serious amounts of fabric, you will benefit from our bulk discounts. For each product the price will adjust automatically depending on how much you order.

Bulk discounts for most fabrics:
More than 10 m: -5 %
More than 20 m: -10 %
More than 50 m: -15 %
More than 100 m: -20 %

Bulk discounts for historical reproductions:
More than 10 m: -5 %
More than 20 m: -10 %

Student discounts

Still in school and beautiful fabrics are one of your hobbies? Just show your ISIC card when you buy fabric in our Prague shop for 10% off. This discount is available in-store only because we have to check the validation number on the card.

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