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Designer fabric with olive twigs in antique rose, EcoVero, 1.6m

Product code 110 40-0023 (1)

Light, supple batiste made of environmentally friendly rayon. Great fabric for a blouse, a summer dress, or comfy loungewear. Original designer print with olive twigs in antique rose.

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Basic parameters
Width: 145 cm
Color: antique rose
Content: 100% EcoVero rayon
Weight (gsm): 117 gsm
Weight (mm): 29 mm
Drape: supple
Availability: limited edition
Shrinkage: 3-4 %
Bulk discount
1 - 9 pcs
19.46 $ / pcs
10 - 19 pcs
18.49 $ / pcs
20 - 49 pcs
17.52 $ / pcs
50 - 99 pcs
16.54 $ / pcs
100 and more
15.57 $ / pcs

in stock 1 pcs

13.52 $/m

12.16 $/m

19.46 $/pcs

19.46 $/pcs without VAT


Zboží vloženo do košíku

Product description

Product description

This lightweight rayon batiste fabric is sought after for breezy summer dresses, tops, skirts, and loose pants. It is thin, unbelievably touchable (more like silk than cotton), and cool. This fabric is so drapey and flowing that it just begs to work its magic in tunics, wrap-arounds, ruffles, and culottes. It’s perfect for a day dress to kick around in or even a summer pajama set.

This original print was created exclusively for Sartor. The talented artist who designed is Michal Kacl.

EcoVero, a trademark of the Lenzing company, is rayon viscose fabric made to strict sustainability standards. The raw material is wood from sustainably managed forests. The manufacturing process itself, from tree to fiber, has been optimized to minimize its impact on the environment. In terms of water consumption, chemical use, and overall carbon footprint, EcoVero rayon is one of the most ecological textiles currently available, surpassing not just cotton, but traditional rayons as well, including lyocell. What’s more, it’s entirely recyclable!


Machine wash cool (30°C). Iron on cotton setting. This is a very fine fabric, use a low spin cycle – gentle handling will extend its lifespan.

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