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Diamond weave fabrics v odstínech červené

The diamond pattern is a classic weave based on the basic twill. Here the diagonal line breaks in a regular zig-zag pattern to form attractive, diamond-shaped lozenges. It’s a design that comes down to us through history. In fact, diamond weave fabrics are a favorite among costumers seeking authentic materials for historical garments. The diamond weave also looks great in modern settings, where it is popular for blazers, skirts, and dresses, as well as for home decor, where you’ll find it in Scandinavian decor and minimalist design.

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diamantová vazba metráž od Sartor Bohemia

Fabrics with the diamond pattern

Diamond weave is a classic broken twill weave. Historical diamond weave fabrics are popular for authentic period costuming. Modern fashion taps diamond weave fabric for clothing with textural interest. Diamond pattern fabrics are popular for home decor too. We offer diamond weave linen and diamond weave wool.

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