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Historical fabrics made to order

In light of momentarily unstable manufacturing conditions for our suppliers, logistical costs, and exchange rate fluctuations, we are not accepting orders for custom-made historical fabrics at this time.

For those interested in unique historical fabrics, we offer made-to-order brocades, jacquards, and damasks on demand. We work with trusted weavers, small and large, that have demonstrated the ability to produce beautiful, historically authentic reproductions. Get your choice of materials (natural silk and blends with cotton or synthetic fibers) and machine or hand weaving. We arrange custom production of historical textiles starting at 50 meters. Choose the combination of fabric type and pattern from our database or provide your own pattern.

How to order custom fabric

  • Go to the fabric on demand section and choose a fabric style
  • Add at least 50 meters to your shopping cart
  • Choose a pattern and color and add to your shopping cart (no additional charge)
  • Or select “own historical pattern” and add to your shopping cart (additional charge)
  • Provide your telephone and email so that we can get in touch with you if we have questions
  • Fill in your delivery address and your billing address, if different, and make payment
  • If you selected your own historical pattern, send the pattern to us by email and write your order number in the email subject line
  • Start looking forward to your very own custom fabric !!!

Please do not order custom fabric if you are on a tight deadline. Delivery times for these fabrics are approximate. The production of fabric with woven patterns is a very demanding process and its availability in such small amounts is a special service that may take longer than estimated. We caution you to make use of this service only if you have adequate time available for your project.

Fabric style

When creating your custom fabric, first choose the weight, material, ornament size and pattern repetition style that you want. In the custom fabric product cathegory, you’ll find all of our brocades and damask options. In the detail for each product there is a detailed description and the technical constraints for each fabric. Pay close attention to the size of the ornament and the available colors for each fabric. Most historical reproduction fabrics are woven with a single-color background and up to three colors in the foreground pattern. 

Pattern and color

You can choose from our database of historical patterns for which we own the copyright, or you may provide your own historical pattern. If sending your own pattern, please keep in mind the technical limitations (pattern size, color) for the fabric style selected – limitations are noted in the fabric description.

Minimum order

The minimum order for fabric on demand for historically authentic patterns is 50 meters. Upon mutual agreement, it may be possible to order only 20 meters, with Sartor collecting orders for the remaining 30 meters (not guaranteed). In such a case, however, take into account the time delay that will result from canvassing for a group order. The possibility of launching a group order is dependent upon how busy we are and, of course, how attractive the pattern is. Group orders are launched on a case-by-case basis subject to agreement.

How long will it take?

The term of fulfillment stated for custom-made fabrics is approximate. In our long-standing experience it varies from two and a half months for machine weaves to six months for hand-woven fabric (not including holidays). For standard orders, this period begins from receipt of all design parameters (pattern, repeat, color) and receipt of payment. If the pattern must be digitalized by Sartor, please take this additional step into account (by individual agreement, usually 2 weeks) plus time for client feedback – the amount of time can vary depending on the number of comments and client reaction time.


Our historical fabrics are available in three price categories (see table below). The prices as displayed online for our custom fabrics and pre-orders include bulk discounts and are final. Custom orders are not subject to additional discounts or wholesale terms.

Historical fabric made to order, 50 meters15 %
Historical fabric pre-orders or as part of group order                                                               10 %
Historical fabric available in stock through our e-shop0 %

Frequently asked questions

What if I’ve found a pattern, but I don’t have it in digital format?

If you have chosen a pattern from a public source (like a museum collection) but you don’t know how to transfer it into a technically acceptable format, we will be glad to do it for you. The requirement is that it be a pattern from a documented source and that it be adequately legible – some surviving textile fragments are so badly damaged that their original appearance cannot be pieced together reliably.

Can you guarantee the delivery date?

The delivery date for custom orders is approximate. It can be influenced by a number of factors. For machine-woven brocades, the order is usually queued up behind other orders handled by the weaver. For hand-woven textiles, the availability of the weaver as well as factors like inclement weather can have an impact. Another possible factor is the carrying capacity of delivery companies over holiday periods. Years of experience have taught us that most orders arrive without any undue delay. Unfortunately, however, we cannot guarantee a specific delivery date, so we encourage you to order your fabric with ample time to spare.

Will I be the only one who has this fabric?

Because we use third parties in fulfilling your order, it cannot be guaranteed that you will have one hundred percent exclusivity. We can, however, guarantee exclusivity on the part of Sartor – if you take delivery of the full production run of the fabric, which ranges from 100 to 130 meters, then we will not offer the fabric to other customers.

Can I order a fabric made with a pattern that is not historical?

Yes. If you provide full design materials – your pattern in digital format (PDF vector at 1:1) and color specifications in Pantone TCX or TPX. In cases of non-historical patterns, you will have to agree to take delivery of the full production run, which ranges from 100 to 130 meters.

What about intellectual property rights?

Sartor Bohemia s.r.o. is the owner of intellectual property rights for all patterns that we prepare for final use ourselves. All of our patterns contain hidden identification markers that reliably show authorship. Our patterns must not be used in any manner, not even in printed form, without prior agreement and license to use. If the complete pattern is provided by the customer, then the customer is the owner of intellectual property rights for that pattern, in which case the customer should provide, along with the pattern, a license agreement outlining how Sartor Bohemia s.r.o. may use the pattern.

Can I return custom fabric?

You can return the fabric if it does not match the quality (it is demonstrably a different type of fabric), pattern, and color that you ordered and provided that it is undamaged – that is, it must be in one piece, uncut and unblemished.

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