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Folklore fabrics and kroj z metalických nití

As a Bohemia-based company, we have committed ourselves to developing a line of folklore fabrics that reproduce historical textiles used in the traditional folk costumes, or “kroj,” of this area. These exuberantly colored brocades will come in handy for folklorists creating traditional skirts and aprons but we suspect that they will find their way into modern fashions and interior design as well. We invite our customers with roots in this region to send us their textile treasures. Great-great-grandmother’s dowry could be the source of our next brocade!

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Moravian folk brocade with scarlet flowers, ecru

Moravian folk brocade with scarlet flowers, ecru

76.85 $/m

in stock 37.1 m

Width: 88 cm

Content: 30% metallic thread, 30% rayon, 40% silk

Weight (gsm): 272 gsm


Zboží vloženo do košíku

krojové brokáty od Sartor Bohemia

Folk traditions come alive

We have launched a new line of reproductions of historical folk fabrics used in kroj, the Bohemian folk costumes. Kroj brocades are used for sewing parts of traditional folk costumes. As our line of folklore fabrics expands, our selection will grow.

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