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Linen blend, abstraction, army green and white, 1.5m

Product code 104 07-0002 (1)

This elegant fabric in army green and white combines linen, cotton, and rayon. It is sturdy, yet comfortable and airy, perfect for summer skirts, dresses, men’s and women’s blazers. Great for home decor too.

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Basic parameters
Width: 138 cm
Color: army green
Content: 25% cotton, 25% rayon, 50% linen
Weight (gsm): 210 gsm
Weight (mm): 48 mm
Drape: slightly stiff
Availability: while supplies last
Shrinkage: 3–10 %

in stock 1 pcs

9.62 $/m

8.65 $/m

12.98 $/pcs

12.98 $/pcs without VAT


Zboží vloženo do košíku

Product description

Product description

This army green and white blend of linen, cotton, and rayon combines the best qualities of each material. All are breathable, cool, and comfortable on hot summer days.

This linen blend is great for dressy casual styles such as sheath dresses, classic trousers, ladies’ suits, men’s or women’s blazers and light jackets. Or try it in relaxed, loose pants or skirts. It’s also right at home in curtains, pillows, throws, and bed linens for any type of interior, from rustic to modern.

The fabric is sturdy, but soft and smooth, with none of the scratchiness of some pure linens. It can be used without a lining, though blazers, jackets, and tailored dresses may still benefit from one.

Care: Wash at 30–40°C. Iron on the cotton setting; may be steamed. May be machine dried on a short, gentle program.

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