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Modal brushed jersey, ivory

Product code 111 02-0004

An exceptionally soft jersey in ivory made of modal and cotton with a soft, flannel-like, brushed back. A great fabric for cozy, cool-weather clothes for kids and adults. Use it for leggings, tops, dresses, leisurewear, and undershirts.

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Basic parameters
Width: 207 cm
Color: ivory
Content: 46% cotton, 47% modal, 7% elastane
Weight (gsm): 278 gsm
Weight (mm): 64 mm
Drape: slightly supple
Minimum order: 0.2 m
Bulk discount
1 - 9 m
13.90 $ / m
10 - 19 m
13.21 $ / m
20 - 49 m
12.51 $ / m
50 - 99 m
11.82 $ / m
100 and more
11.12 $ / m

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Want to know what this fabric feels like?

Zboží vloženo do košíku
Product description

Product description

Modal is an especially soft, comfortable natural material, an improved version of rayon. It’s comfortable, breathes and absorbs moisture, maintaining a pleasant micro-climate for the wearer. This knit has a smooth face side and a brushed back (flannel type finish), which adds warmth and makes it great for cool-weather clothing like tees, dresses, leggings, leisurewear, and undershirts. It’s a double knit, so it’s durable and holds its shape well.

Modal is made differently than ordinary rayon, making it sturdy, pill-resistant, colorfast, and non-shrinking. Even the brushed side will look great for a long time. On top of that, modal is actually more eco-friendly than cotton; its production is pesticide free and consumes far less water.


Wash at 30°C. Iron at medium to high heat (wool, max. cotton). Though modal and cotton can stand higher temperatures, elastane is more sensitive, so treat the fabric gently. This fabric is colorfast and pill resistant.


What is the minimum order?

We require a minimum order of 50 meters. Each custom fabric is produced in runs of 100 to 130 meters. We reserve the right to offer any remaining fabric through our store

Will I be the only one who has this fabric?

We can guarantee exclusivity if you take delivery of the full production run of the fabric, 100 to 130 meters. Otherwise, we reserve the right to offer any remaining fabric to other customers

Can I order a fabric made with a pattern that is not historical?

Yes. If you provide full design materials – your pattern in digital format and clear color specifications and agree to take delivery of the full production run of 100 to 130 meters

What about intellectual property rights?

Sartor owns intellectual property rights for all patterns made in house and displayed on this web site. All our patterns contain hidden identification markers that reliably show authorship

Can I return custom fabric?

Custom made fabric may be returned if it clearly does not match the ordered fabric type, pattern, or color and if returned undamaged

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