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Plastic boning, 10 mm

Product code 204 03-0003

A flexible, synthetic whalebone for use in corsets. Light and flexible, it works well in reinforced bodices, lingerie corsets, and crinolines or can be combined with steel boning to make a corset lighter.

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Product description

Product description

Plastic boning is lightweight, but in a classic corset of strong material, it can deliver surprisingly firm support. Combine it with steel boning for a lighter weight corset or to provide various levels of support in different areas (plastic boning at the sides can emphasize the waistline while reducing stress on the ribcage). It can be used for the whole corset, successfully reproducing the effect of whalebone. It will ultimately form to the body’s curves, making the corset more comfortable, but is not as long lived as steel boning.

Light and flexible, it works well in reinforced bodices, lingerie corsets, and crinolines.

Cut plastic boning with ordinary scissors, rounding the edges as you go. Edges may also be smoothed with an emery board or a lighter. No further finishing is necessary.

To best compare various types and widths of boning, order our boning sampler.

Sold in lengths of 10 meters. This boning is 10 mm wide.

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Corset boning and bone casing Plastic corset boning

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