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Silk samite with Premyslid lions, burgundy

Product code 103 15-0002

This pure silk samite is a recreation of an original, 13th century textile buried with the Premyslid ruler Otakar II, King of Bohemia. It features a pattern in golden yellow on a burgundy field and is two-sided, with colors reversed on the back.

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Basic parameters
Width: 139 cm
Color: burgundy
Content: 100% silk
Weight (gsm): 115 gsm
Weight (mm): 27 mm
Drape: slightly supple
Period: 13th–14th centuries
Horizontal repeat: 36 cm
Vertical repeat: 46 cm
Minimum order: 0.2 m
Availability: limited edition
Bulk discount
1 - 9 m
76.85 $ / m
10 - 19 m
73.01 $ / m
20 and more
69.17 $ / m

in stock 19 m

76.85 $/m

76.85 $/m without VAT


Zboží vloženo do košíku

Want to know what this fabric feels like?

Zboží vloženo do košíku
Product description

Product description

This historical reproduction fabric recreates a textile buried with the Premyslid king of Bohemia, Otakar II, one of the Holy Roman Empire’s most powerful rulers in his time. A rare find, the original fragments were discovered in very poor condition. Nevertheless, a detailed investigation and painstaking restoration yielded the full pattern. Our faithful reproduction recreates the original motif in its authentic material.

The design features a pair of lions in opposition, repeated against the continuous, central trunk of a tree with short, leafy branches emerging on either side. The lions are depicted in an almost heraldic pose – standing erect with forelegs raised, yet the tail follows the line of the body and the head is turned to face the viewer. An unusual touch is the tracing of the ribs and the geometric detailing of the mane.

In view of the pattern and textile content, leading expert Milena Bravermanova dates the original textile to the latter half of the 13th century. The motif repeated on the original was quite large – roughly 16½ – we have reduced it to 13¾".

This reproduction was created especially for the documentary film When the Lion Roars, directed by Jan Svatos, where you can see it in all its glory.

The fragments of the original textile from the tomb of Otakar II are safely under lock and key at Prague Castle.

Like brocade, samite has a pattern woven into the fabric. The secret of its production has been known since the middle ages. Samite is based on a twill weave, making it especially sturdy. Our authentic reproduction is made of pure, natural silk. The thick, silk yarn used here lends the surface a deceptively rough look, yet this fabric is soft, smooth to the touch, and breathable. Reproductions of historical fabrics may be used primarily for sewing period costumes but they can also enliven modern, luxury interiors and add an original touch to contemporary fashion.

Pair this fabric with a natural lining such as one of our silk linings or a fine linen.


We recommend dry cleaning this fabric at a reliable dry cleaner. In our tests it stood up to gentle hand washing. If you do risk hand washing, use lukewarm water and a delicate detergent for silks and woolens; do not wring or squeeze dry; block dry on a flat surface. Dry iron on the lowest setting.


What is the smallest amount of fabric I can order?

The minimum fabric order is a length of 20 cm.

Should fabric be washed before sewing?

Let the recommended care notes in the fabric description be your guide – it will tell you if the fabric can be washed or steam ironed. For larger projects or more expensive fabrics, we recommend testing anything (washing, ironing, etc.) on a sample – natural and semi-synthetic materials (including brocades) are never absolutely predictable.

Is your assortment of fabrics always the same?

Most of our fabrics are one-time offers that last until they are sold out. For brocades, however, we regularly repeat some classic patterns and popular color combinations are often reissued. Look at the product's availability value – it shows whether the goods are available while supplies last with no reorder planned, or if it's part of a seasonal collection, where we order goods from a relatively stable selection at our manufacturer and regularly restock the most popular color combinations.

What is a seasonal collection?

The goods in the seasonal collection come directly from our verified manufacturers. We change up the colors on offer from season to season but fabric quality is always constant. For large (wholesale) orders, colors that have been sold out can be reordered individually.

Do you ship abroad?

Yes. We ship worldwide. The price of shipping is automatically calculated at checkout before payment after you select the country of delivery and the preferred carrier. If you do not find your country in the dropdown list, please contact us. You will find a rough overview of shipping costs in our shipping and payment terms.

Do your historical reproductions ever repeat?

Rarely! We produce reproductions of historical fabrics as limited editions. We want to guarantee a certain authenticity to all owners of historical costumes and decorations. We recommend that you buy these fabrics while they are in stock, as this is the only way to secure them for your project aside from custom ordering.

What is a limited edition?

Limited editions are fabrics of exceptional quality or patterns that have been designed and produced exclusively under the Sartor brand. As a rule, they do not repeat and are therefore only available while supplies last. Don't miss your chance to own a true original.

What is the smallest amount of fabric I can order?

The minimum fabric order is a length of 20 cm.

Are your historical reproductions suitable for modern use?

Of course! Historical patterns are characterized by high-quality aesthetic workmanship with an emphasis on elegance and harmony, which make them timeless works of art. They are suitable for modern interiors, where they bring an element of originality (try a picture, a pillow). In fashion, they excel in simple, even minimalist, garments, handbags and other accessories.

Do you ship abroad?

Yes. We ship worldwide. The price of shipping is automatically calculated at checkout before payment after you select the country of delivery and the preferred carrier. If you do not find your country in the dropdown list, please contact us. You will find a rough overview of shipping costs in our shipping and payment terms.

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