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Wool broadcloth v odstínech žluté

Most of our broadcloths are medium-weight fabrics of pure merino wool, perfect for sewing dresses, blazers, and lightweight overcoats and cloaks. The majority are plain or twill weaves with a fulled (slightly felted) surface. You’ll return to them again and again for warm, winter skirts and blazers as well as jackets for brisk autumn weather. Wool broadcloth is also an integral part of most European folk costuming as well as historical clothing for the reenactment community and filmmakers.

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Light merino twill wool broadcloth, ochre

Light merino twill wool broadcloth, ochre

30.51 $/m

in stock 12.5 m

Width: 150 cm

Content: 100% merino wool

Weight (gsm): 247 gsm


Zboží vloženo do košíku

vlněn od Sartor Bohemia

Summer weight wool fabrics

Our wool broadcloth is a fine wool cloth, a fulled wool fabric in a plain and twill weave. Our broadcloth selection includes premium 100% merino wools of European origin. We carry summer weight wool fabrics for sewing dresses and blazers. Wool broadcloth fabric is good for sewing wool historical clothing as well as modern wool clothing for winter months. Our wool fabrics are made of pure merino wool.

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