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Heirloom linen, natural

Product code 104 08-0009

Authentic, hand-woven, heirloom linen from the family vault of a Slovak weaver. This fabric was made in the Plachtince back country in southern Slovakia, where weaving has been practiced for generations. Pure 100% linen with a distinct structure, perfect both for historical costuming and contemporary fashion.

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Basic parameters
Width: 62 cm
Color: natural
Content: 100% linen
Weight (gsm): 387 gsm
Weight (mm): 89 mm
Drape: slightly stiff
Minimum order: 0.2 m
Availability: while supplies last
Shrinkage: 3-7 %

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Zboží vloženo do košíku
Product description

Product description

The production and sale of textiles, and linen in particular, has a strong tradition in the Slovak back country around Plachtince. Home looms filled the air with their happy clatter well into the middle of the twentieth century before finally being consigned to museums. This linen fabric is an actual heirloom passed down within a weaving family and was made on one of those home looms, the product of hard work and an experienced hand.

Please note: This fabric is only available until supplies run out ­– we don’t know if or when we’ll be able to get our hands on an archival linen like this again.

Hand-woven fabrics from home looms come in narrower bolt widths than modern fabrics, so take note of the width parameter listed. The cloth is in very good condition, a testament to linen’s legendary durability, and has been practically perfectly preserved. In view of the character of the material and the process of hand weaving itself, however, the fabric may have slight irregularities such as imperfect weave, occasional slubs, and uneven coloring, which in this context are desirable marks of authenticity. The fabric may be soiled in spots. We have left the cleaning up to you – some sewers prefer strictly natural treatments and we do not wish to “taint” the cloth with modern chemicals. So it’s entirely your call.

This hand-woven linen cloth in a plain weave is a perfect choice for sewing historical costumes. While this particular fabric can measure its age “only” in decades, rather than centuries, the craft technique used for producing it has remained basically unchanged over the ages. Of course, you may absolutely use this fabric for contemporary fashion or interior decor, just like any modern linen of a similar weight. This is a unique opportunity to bring a piece of cultural heritage into your own home or wardrobe.

This hand-woven, heirloom linen has the same characteristics as any pure linen fabric – it is strong, durable, and breathable. It has not been pre-softened, so it has a stiffer hand and less drape, but it will get softer with each wash.

Wash to shrink fabric before sewing. This linen has a natural, cream color but can be bleached by traditional or modern methods (sun whitening, laundering with bleach). You can color it with any cotton or linen dye, or opt to keep its authentic, natural color. May be sewn using an ordinary, domestic sewing machine.


Wash at 60°C. Air dry. May be exposed to direct sunlight. (If you have dyed this fabric, launder at 30°C and dry in the shade.) Iron on the highest setting; may also be steamed. If machine drying, use a short, gentle cycle.

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