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Grey pearl stud earrings

Product code 302 05-5004

Genuine freshwater pearls earrings in grey with silver post are an understated classic for girls and women of all ages. You can wear them to school or work as well as for a night out.

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Basic parameters
Minimum order: 1 pcs
Availability: seasonal collection
Pearl size: 9 mm
Clasp: silver

in stock 12 pcs

9.27 $/pcs

6.95 $/pcs

6.95 $/pcs without VAT


Zboží vloženo do košíku

Product description

Product description

Pearl earrings are a simple, yet beautiful accessory that you can wear every day. Add a necklace or bracelet to make a full set for special occasions – an evening at the theater, a formal gala, or a wedding. Pearls are equally at home in classic looks and contemporary fashion and deserve a place in every jewelry box.

Our genuine pearl earrings pair well with historical costumes too. While long strands of pearls were something only the nobility could afford, earrings or hair ornaments were worn across the social spectrum.

Freshwater pearls are an affordable alternative to saltwater pearls and are also more durable because they actually contain a greater number of layers of nacre. They are available in a range of shapes, from the classic round and oval pearls to asymmetrical baroque or keshi pearls and flat coin pearls. Their natural color range includes white, cream, pink, and peach. It takes about a year for a pearl to form and there may be dozens in a single mollusk at a time.

We also have pearl necklaces and pearl bracelets, so you can put together a matching set.


Protect your pearls from chemical solutions (including perfume and hairspray – apply before you put on jewelry). If your pearls come into contact with sweat, rinse them in lukewarm water and pat them dry. The moisture that pearls absorb when worn is actually good for them; if they become parched, they may yellow slightly. Store in a cloth sack or box to prevent scratches from other jewelry. Do not clean pearls with hot water, steam, or ultrasound.

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