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Handwoven vintage linen fabric, natural 100% linen

Product code 104-08-0091

Fabric with a story! This handwoven linen rested unnoticed in an attic for decades before it finally saw the light of day. A real treasure from the Slovak backcountry, it is a truly authentic choice for historical and folk costumes and will add an extra dimension to modern fashion or interiors.

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Basic parameters
Shade: natural
Material: 100% linen
Width (cm): 69 cm
Weight (gsm): 258 gsm
Width (inches): 27 ″
Weight (oz): 7.6 oz
Drape: stiff
Shrinkage: 3-7 %
Availability: while supplies last
Minimum order: 0.2 m
Bulk discount
1 - 9 m
18.00 $ / m
10 - 19 m
17.10 $ / m
20 - 49 m
16.20 $ / m
50 - 99 m
15.30 $ / m
100 and more
14.40 $ / m

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18.00 $/m

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Zboží vloženo do košíku
Product description

Product description

Fabric with a story! This handwoven linen rested unnoticed in an attic for decades before it finally saw the light of day. A real treasure from the Slovak backcountry, it is a truly authentic choice for historical and folk costumes and will add an extra dimension to modern fashion or interiors.

A piece of history

Bring home a real piece of history with this authentic, vintage linen. Fabric like this was once turned out on hand operated looms in cottages across Europe until, one by one, they disappeared into museums. This particular linen was made in the last century and may be up to a hundred years old.

A unique opportunity

The supply of vintage linen stashed away in attics and storerooms is dwindling. We don’t know if or when we will come across another find like this. That makes the purchase of heirloom linen a truly extraordinary opportunity to connect with history in a really palpable way.

What to know about vintage heirloom linen

With linen’s legendary durability, it’s no surprise that this fabric comes to us practically as it was when it came off the loom decades ago. There are, however, a few things that set it apart from modern linen and you should know.

  • Handwoven fabric from a home loom will have a narrower bolt width, 24 to 27 inches (60–66 cm); always doublecheck the width when you place your order.
  • Most of this stash of linen was folded in half and then rolled to fit in the cabinet where it was stored. If you find this fold on your piece, no worries; it can be washed and ironed out.
  • If your piece is cut from the end of the roll, you may find a colored band running the width of the fabric at one edge. Always order a few inches extra (15 cm) to allow for this. Interesting fact: The colored bands were not for decoration. They were how women in the village marked the fabric they had woven to distinguish it from that made by their neighbors.
  • The fabric may have minor flaws that we view as proof of authenticity and a simple result of hand crafting. They include irregularities in the weave, slubs, knots, and uneven coloring. Stored for decades in an attic, this vintage fabric may be slightly soiled in places. Because some of our customers strictly prefer natural cleaning methods, we have not brought this fabric into contact with any modern chemicals. So when it comes to laundering, the choice is entirely in your hands.

Uses for vintage linen

We have vintage handwoven linen in various weights (check the weight value). Heavyweight linen with a value of 200 gsm or more is good for making tablecloths and napkins. Lighter weights are suitable for apparel; vintage linen is just perfect as shirting for traditional folk costumes.

Handwoven linen is an excellent material for authentic period costuming too. Although this particular linen may be “only” decades old, its traditional method of production changed very little over the centuries.

Finally, vintage linen can stand in for any ordinary linen of a similar weight for contemporary fashions and interior decor, with the added plus that whatever you make will have a little something extra… a story.

Fabric qualities

Like any other linen fabric, this hand-woven, vintage linen is strong, durable, and breathable. It has not been pre-softened, so it is a bit stiffer and doesn’t have much drape. It will, however, soften with each wash.

Wash to shrink fabric before sewing. This linen has a natural, cream color but can be whitened by traditional or modern methods (sun whitening, laundering with bleach). You can color it with any cotton or linen dye, or use a natural dye for enhanced authenticity. May be sewn using an ordinary, domestic sewing machine.


Wash at 60°C. Air dry. May be exposed to direct sunlight. (If you have dyed this fabric, launder at 30°C and dry in the shade.) Iron on the highest setting; may be steamed. If machine drying, use a short, gentle cycle.


Should I pre-shrink this fabric before sewing?

Generally, pre-shrinking is needed for linen, cotton, and rayon, but for finer fabrics (light rayon, Tencel and modal) proceed with care – don't use hot water or a hot iron, simply launder the fabric the way you will be laundering the completed garment.

Is your assortment of fabrics always the same?

Most of our fabrics are one-time offers that last until they are sold out. However, some more popular items are always restocked or can be ordered on request. As a rule, this applies to notions, where the selection is pretty consistent, but may also include some types of fabric. Look at the product's availability value – it shows whether the goods are available while supplies last, in the core inventory or in a seasonal collection .

Are your fabrics colorfast?

The fabrics in our core inventory, seasonal collections and limited editions are from repeated production cycles that we have quality-tested – given proper care their colors should not bleed. Fabrics that are on offer while supplies last are one-off products that have not been individually tested. For flax and wool, we recommend a sample test.

Does linen fade in the sun?

Yes. Like other natural materials linen can fade in the sun. Avoid hanging dyed linen to dry in the sun and do not hang dyed linen garments in places at home where there is direct sunlight either. For curtains and drapes, take into account that the color will fade over time or back them with a blackout fabric.

Do you ship abroad?

Yes. We ship worldwide. The price of shipping is automatically calculated at checkout before payment after you select the country of delivery and the preferred carrier. If you do not find your country in the dropdown list, please contact us. You will find a rough overview of shipping costs in our shipping and payment terms.

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